Dragon of Trismegistus 888 Revealer Wealth Mastery Unleashed

$ 3,333.33

Mastery of the mundane world is accomplished by the mastery of the spirit of money.

Everything in this world moves, and is moved by this force.

Ignore it at your own peril, or master it and walk your own red carpet through life. 

The Dragon of Trismegistus Revealer breathes the energy of money and opulence.

It is an ultra force amplifier for extreme wealth attraction powers.  

When you see the world through the consciousness of wealth ( the eyes of the Dragon) opportunities will throw themselves at your feet that will be invisible to the hypnotized masses. 

This is the most potent and formidable wealth magick Rite ever offered because now is the time. Literally. 20_20.

Now is your time to get your share of the gold of the gods. It is easier than you think.

Through the rarefied powers of this Dragon Bloodline Rite you will be immersed in royal opulence as you are aligned to a secret frequency of golden vibrations spoken of in the mystic writings of the ancient Sumerians.

This is a one of a kind opportunity to literally change the course of your destiny now.  

Magnificent sterling silver with 14 karat gold. A symbol of prosperity and wealth since ancient times. 

Size 8-12 available. It can also be worn as a stunning pendant if you prefer.

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