Deitus God Star Commander of Solomon the King Illuminati Magick

$ 1,999.00

Imagine possessing the third eye of Solomon and commanding all spirits to obey your every command.

Only the God-Star Commander will explode these abilities and reveal never before known secrets of commanding all spirit dimensions.

Access the power of spirit gazing to identify and communicate with spirit beings you never even knew existed. Hint: everything is spirit animated.

Can you begin to imagine the earth shattering implications of owning this power?

Everything is shared upon purchase. Every technique to start controlling everything around you.

Why would you leave it to chance? Those days are gone once and for all.

Through God-Star Commander you will be able to enter the Aether realms of spirits in full directed power and absolute commanding mastery.

All spirits will obey your directed commands and will reveal new dimensions to experience and extend your reach.   

This is a one of a kind talisman that was custom made by a master occult craftsman.

Infused with the astral grimoires of Solomon the King, this occult technology of power works for you 24/7. 

Solid and heavy pure sterling silver.

This is no lightweight trinket, but a  true work of magickal art that was designed to last a lifetime.

Intricate and correct engravings that seem to be missing from the numerous counterfeits circulating online these days.

Try commanding spirits with one of those toys and watch what happens.

Perhaps this is done purposefully by those who really pull the strings behind the curtain of reality.

But you can rest assured that you alone will possess the genuine article.

Guard it as an irreplaceable treasure and it will serve you well in ways unimaginable.

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