$ 2,000.00

We offer to you here the one and only Nightside Nexion Skull of Darkat

A Nexion is a Gateway or Portal to the realms of Magic and Sorcery which exist outside the realms of causal Time/Space. This Nexion vessel has been ensorcelled with the Primal transforming energies of Goddess Darkat to open the Gateway to your Vampiric Transformation.

"Space and time are not conditions in which we live; they are simply modes in which we think." --- Albert Einstein

Darkat is located in the sphere of Vibratory Sound in the Acausal Realm. The Turning Powers of the this Vampire Goddess will Vibrate into your soul as Darkat Embraces you through the Sorcerous energies embedded within this Nightside Vessel.

The Darkat Nexion Skull will open the Portal to begin the Vampiric Transformation Process with complete precision and exactitude.

When you understand the upper realms, you can control the lower correctly.

This is an ancient Occult principle.

Using the Aetheric Template which underlies the All we have ritually harnessed the extreme density of the Lilithian realms to create a fractional encryption of strange attractors to Fire your Blood with the Immortal Essence of the Vampire Gods.

You will complete the Vampiric Transformation Process and enter the realm of the Undead Masters.

The Draconian Powers which have been ritually infused into this vessel through Secret Vampiric Sorcery will catapult the initiate across the Nexion threshold to emerge as Vampire. Brood of Darkat.

If you want to play Hollywood games (which is fine) this offering is not for you.

The extreme powers unleashed will be much more than you bargained for and could be your undoing.

We mean this literally.

These powers are very real !!!

This is for the individual who has already felt the Calling and knows deep within that they have been born with the mark of the Vampire.

"I had a dream, which was not all a dream.The bright sun was extinguished, and the stars Did wander darkling in the eternal space..." --- Lord Byron

Along with the ritually enscorcelled Skull of Darkat Vessel you will also receive our own exclusive Scroll of the Nocturne™ to complete the transformation which fully explains the hidden powers of the Vampiric Master.

The Vampire Gods have called to you.

Embrace now your destiny and see through the eyes of Eternity.

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