Serpentine Star of Leviathan Knowledge of the Gods Magick Enhancer

$ 1,200.00

YOU seek the powers of magick and have multiple spells active and working for you on all levels.

You know that magick works because you have experienced its powers.

This is a good thing, and as you progress on the path and reap the benefits of your spellwork it is vital that you INCREASE your capacity to RECEIVE.

Imagine, Bigger , Better and Faster! 

The Serpentine Star of Leviathan opens and energizes your inner pathways to receive the results of your spellwork FASTER and in greater magnitude than ever before.

It removes the barriers and blocks that keep you from receiving the full benefits of your spells and rituals.

What is amazing is that it also retroactively works on spells you may have had cast years ago and are still waiting on to work more fully.

This is because when you increase your capacity to receive you immediately increase the power of your spells to give you what you want.

Imagine what you could do if your spells suddenly started working with ever increasing intensity and manifestation power.

Use this exclusive spell and you'll see results you have never seen before.

Its time to THRIVE! 1219.

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