There will be absolutely no refunds, or any return on any spells or ritual services. All sales are final because of the unique nature of occult metaphysical spellwork. If on the rare occassion you are ever not satisfied with any spell from Illuminati Magick™, you will receive another spell fully cast free of charge 6 months after the initial casting.


No spell can guarantee a specific 100% result because this is not the way magick works. What we do GUARANTEE is that you will always receive a positive and powerful one time re-casting of your spell should you request it 6 months after the initial casting. Remember there are no guarantees in magick. Magick spellwork to be potent and powerful requires truthfulness, and we are spiritually obligated to be truthful with you as Ministers of the Magickal Arts. This guarantees you the peace of mind that you are dealing with authentic spiritual practioners who are truly dedicated to serving you with the highest ethics of magick and cast forth the most powerful ancient magickal rituals on your behalf. Magick is extremely powerful and for it to work you MUST respect it. If you cannot maintain an attitude of respect you will never get any powerful results. If you are impatient and not open to the magick taking its natural course do not expect anything. There is no set frame of time for the spell to work. Once cast for you this enters the realm of the Divine and must be respected as such. Sometimes results manifest in a day, a week, a year or longer. We will always work with you to get the results you want by re-casting. Your purchase of any product is your agreement to this understanding. Thank you for being respectful of the ancient arts. 

Please refer to our Terms of Service for further clarification of our services.