Domination Rite of the Beast Crossroads of the Black Flame

$ 1,333.00

Lord. Master. Ruler. King.

The Beast surpasses duality to obtain the lusts of the sinister path. 

Emblazoned with the Fire of the Lords of excess this Rite obtains what no other can.

The Crossroads of the Black Flame cannot be accessed by mortal man but must be approached by the one who invokes the Beast. 

Herein is ancient Darkness scribed from Hell itself. RISE into a living pact that is light years beyond dusty grimoires written by trembling hands that deny the lusts of the flesh and shiver in the shadows of their own repressed longings. The Beast awaits at the Crossroads of the Black Flame to laugh at the fears and foibles of mortal man and his trembling denial of Lucifers door. Rise_Lord_Master_Ruler_King. 

This 13 night Rite of transforming ecstasy is annointed by the Four Crown Princes of Hell itself.





The Seven Deadly Sins will be a source of endless power for you when you transcend the illusion of duality through the Blessings of the Beast.

Do you feel this...

Dominion Eternal. Pitiless and devoid of compassion.


You will absolutely know if this is meant for you.

Over 6 centuries of Black Magic Might unleashed to call forth the Beast one more time. 

Solid and heavy. Vibrating with Dark Energy!!!

Special secret customization's added only for the recipient that will only add to your experience of power. 

Sizes 8 -12 available. Can also be worn as a stunning cutting edge pendant.

(Please specify your ring size upon purchase

Can also be used a powerful altar relic.

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