The Baphomet Tarot of the Underworld Reading

$ 333.00

Enter the sanctuary of Baphomet through the Tarot of the Underworld Reading. This deck is a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece by the renowned Swiss artist HR Giger, who is best known for his work on the Alien movie franchise. Each card is a dark and intricate work of art, featuring Giger's signature biomechanical style and deeply embedded with the most profound occult mysteries. This is a true link to alchemical secrets of Baphomet that can provide you with some of the most profound insights into any situation you are dealing with.

This deck draws upon the symbolism of the infamous figure of Baphomet, representing the balance of opposing forces and the union of the spiritual and physical realms. It delves deep into the mysteries of the underworld, exploring the subconscious and the shadow self.

During your reading, the cards will reveal hidden truths and insights into your innermost fears, desires, and passions. They will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, showing you how to harness the incredible power of the underworld to transform your life and overcome any obstacles in your path.

Whether you are seeking guidance on your spiritual journey or looking for answers to life's most profound questions, the Baphomet Tarot of the Underworld by HR Giger is the perfect tool for unlocking the secrets of the dark realm.

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