The Dreaming Magus Eternal Gateway of the Gods 2.0 Imperium Ascendant

$ 1,111.00

The stronghold of Babylon proclaims a King is annointed to judge with a diamond Will.

A Magus dreams his future into the present, releasing every conceivable Force of Knowledge, Wisdom and Dragon Bloodline Illumination into Dreaming Reality. 

Are you ready to open the Abyss and Awaken within the Dream?

To cross the Threshold and receive this ultimate transference of Serpentine Wisdom, Illuminating Knowledge and Dream Mastery has never been offered before.

2020 is a game changer ( there are major occult reasons for this) and the Vault has been opened to shatter the stagnation of the past.

This is a literal Gateway into your future. Dare you proclaim yourself a King and forever break the shackles of mortalkind?

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of taking advantage of 2020 as the year you achieve the impossible and set an unstoppable momentum for the times ahead.

The wise will see and understand.  

You will be ritually transported into the Acausal Dimension of the Dreaming Magus where you will receive the secret knowledge of the Hidden Sun and the powers bestowed!

The Serpentine Wisdom of the Dreaming Magus will convey the ancient powers of Ascension into the realms of the Unmanifest. Can you imagine how this will change how you perceive the world around you...transfiguring reality into the substance of your dreams and desires? This is too powerful for the masses who cannot imagine that they themselves could be a god in the making. These are deep truths which must be shrouded in the cloak  of secrecy, as it has always been. MUCH more is shared with the new owner of this Gateway to the Gods. 

The ritually handcrafted sterling silver talisman aligned to this Rite will be uniquely customized with a personal "power sigil" of access to the dimension of the Dreaming Magus.

You will be the only one to possess this !

Only you will see the finished product !

It will be aligned to you alone to preserve its exclusivity and power.

You will be utterly amazed at the level of raw occult energy vibrating from this completed talisman.

Nothing like it has ever been offered before.

Designed to last a lifetime and beyond. 


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