$ 1,666.00

The Secrets of Darkness are Vast and Deep.
They are Legion.
 Many have tread this Path but few are the Masters.
: : :
They have made their "pacts" and have tasted Forbidden Pleasures most will only be able to dream about.
Yet...there are those Few who are willing to do more than dream.
They are ready to take...now...from the Forbidden Realms of Darkness.
This level of Dark or Black Magic is not for everyone.
It is not for the weak. It is not for the complainer. It is not for the doubter.
These qualities negate the Force of Will needed to enter the Chasm and be Transformed.
The Dark Summoning of the Immortal Warlock is an entirely new level of Sorcery we have previously reserved for only the most dedicated who have already proved the reality of Dark Forces.
You see, this level of Ritual cannot be handled by just anyone, and this is as it should be.
Only the most dedicated and mighty-minded deserve this Supreme Level of Black Magic Mastery.
Only they shall have it.
This is a Ritual Empowerment unlike any other. It is this and So Much More.
Through the Powers of this Dark Sorcery and your own determination, Anything is possible for you.
Anything you can truly conceive in your mind and heart...Yours!
The unearthly powerful Vibrations emitted restructure the energetic paradigm that surrounds you and can be unsettling as well as truly liberating. It is this dynamic tension that CREATES. You will feel the breath of the Dragon weaving your intent into manifest form. You will also receive the exclusive ritual bell used in your Rite with personalized instructions on how to continually release its ensorcelled powers to open the 9 Gates to Manifest Power.
You will Rise to new heights of Black Magic Mastery as you feel the tonal vibrations altering the matrix into the enfleshment of your desires.
The energy released will not be duplicated, so as to preserve its exclusivity and vibrational eliteness.
If you are ready to increase the Density of your Power to Bend Matter to your Will, the Ecstasy of the Immortal Warlock awaits you.
 "These be the symbols and the names of the creator, which can bring terror and fear unto you. Obey me then, by the power of these holy names, and by these mysterious symbols of the secret of secrets." C...S...

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