$ 3,666.00

Revealing the Complete Secrets of the Vampire Predator !

Breakthrough Transference of Master Vampire Powers of Sexual Alchemy.

Sexual Vampirism Master Astral Predator Transference.


 We have been called again to offer one of our Most Powerful Workings of Ancient Vampiric Sexual Alchemy, as we know there are family members called to receive this Massive Intimate Ritual and Blood Charged Talisman.


These chosen individuals will have this opportunity only once. 

You must act on this to connect yourself with the inner awareness pulsating within you and prove your lineage.


To give just any one person this level of Raw Erotic Blood Energy may be a mistake if they cannot handle it.

We trust the wisdom of the process involved. 

 Crafted through weeks of LHP Vampiric Sexual Sorcery, this mammoth ritual masterpiece is impregnated with ALL the Powers of the Vampire Predator.

This Intimate Blood Ritual has taken us years to translate into its present form. 4 Dark Rituals performed for you over 7 days. 

(You will be contacted with the chosen method of delivery)

 Shocking Secret formula of the Erotic Blood of Lilith  is used to literally Ignite your Consciousness with an uncensored flow of  Mesmerizing Elite Vampiric Abilities:


 *EXTREME Psychic Sexuality: Master and Absorb Sexual Energy. TAKE IT AT WILL!

*Experience and Project a DOMINATING Glamor of Paranormal Ecstasy.

*FEAST upon the Raw Sexual Vibrations Kundalini Serpent Energy of Orgasmic Release.

*Use Orgasmic Clairvoyance to super-charge your powers of Lucid Dreaming and Intent.

*Cultivate Elevated Red-Hot Sexual Energies/Hypnotic Thought-forms which will Completely Overpower your chosen target, Engulfing them in your Aura. There is NO ESCAPE.

*Empower yourself with the Erotic Pranic Wave Pulsations of Samael and Lilith, Venus and Mars.

*Bypass the Newtonian laws of energy through Dynamic Sexual Physics. Have you ever smelled Glistening Sensuality?


This will be yours through Dark Astral Transference:

 This never released revolutionary High Ritual Working which will penetrate deep into your Astral Body revealing all the mesmerizing, blazing Secrets we have been entrusted with.

If you do not act on the Vampiric Current flowing down through you, the sublime connection will be lost.

There are only 2 Children of the Night this is meant for. 

 Will you dare heed the call of Lilith?

 Dare  and  See  the Crimson  Chalice !

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