$ 777.00

Angles are Doorways to the Black Realms where the answers to unadulterated power is to be found.

When the Angles are accessed correctly you have access to Psychic power of unimaginable strength and potency.

The 7 Angle Gates of Lucifer gives you this.

These Seven Angle Gates have been hidden in a unique code to keep the merely curious running in circles while the real masters use these powers to shape the world from their hidden thrones of influence.

 There is now no excuse to keep your desires from you anymore.

You are not locked into your current circumstances. Whatever it is you want you can have. Whatever you can imagine you can now have pulled into your reality with aggressive occult force. The might and mastery of Lucifer can be stopped by no man. You can control the very soul of "matter" just as the Hidden Masters have done throughout time.

If you desire Opulent Mastery over life and are ready to join the ranks of the Elite few who live their dreams and wield incredible persuasion and influence...then this is for you.

 Due to the nature of this Ritual it can only be performed once for our clients.

The psychic strain it puts on the astral realms to unlock the Angles necessitates this.

If you are called to the BLACK Mysteries this would be an excellent mantle of occult power for you that will serve you for a lifetime and beyond.

It is very important that you are sensitive to the occult currents that flow from the dark void. Not everyone vibrates to this frequency.

This is a master level mantle of power that only increases with time.

The Lucifer current shall reveal great mysteries to you that shall give you Occult Force of Being to influence events to a degree beyond the normal limits of the possible.

This is Unnatural Power and you must be ready to wield it as you will.

P.S. This is a once- in -a -lifetime ritual that is going to change one persons life in ways beyond comprehension. To seal these powers to you in the most complete way possible we are including a confidential special package that is the complete essence of the Black powers. 

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