$ 1,777.00


The Black Veil is rent asunder revealing the code of the impossible.

The Secret of 666 codified into complete ritual transference leading to human omnipotence.

Theurgy codified and embedded into your DNA.

You have craved the forbidden Wisdom hidden from the masses and now you have the opportunity to become that which you seek.

Illuminati Divine King 666

The Baphomet code is revealed as you finally SEE through the eyes of your beginning in Alkhemycal Gnosis.

This level of Knowledge must be experienced ( there is vital reason for this and if you miss it you will keep going around in circles) with on a deep energetic soul level.

Ignite the Chosen 666 on the altar of Babylon.

You will see and understand the CODEX that has been hidden in plain sight all around you.

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." ~Poe.

Illuminati Divine King 666

The luminescence of the Abyss will allow you to see what must remain hidden to the masses.

As the nine angles merge refracting the crimson essence you will RISE from the cryptic slumber of corporeal limitation

to trespass against all perceived limitation to KNOW...and KNOWING you shall ASCEND to the Divine here and now.

This level of Royal Knowledge has come at a price few would be willing to pay.

There is no other way.

We always stand upon the shoulders of giants, and you will stand higher than mortalkind could ever conceive.

This is an absolutely unique opportunity for the right individual.

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