$ 1,313.00


 We offer to you a true Occult powerhouse.

A living occult machine that will revolutionize your life.

Consider this a Living Master Grimoire that infuses you with its Secret Powers.

The living Egregore.

 Masterfully Ensorcelled with 7 explosive Occult Powers:

 1. Mana: you control this and reality will bend to your will

 2. Psionic Mind Casting: taken to a whole new level. Connect and Command.

 3. Mage Mantle: Akashic Field Translator. See the Hidden CODE known only to the inner circle elite. Of great value to the student of the arcane arts. There is a lifetime and beyond of knowledge waiting for you.

 4.Alchemical Elixir: Program your Bio-Energy DNA with life extension powers

 5.Astral Time Line Manipulation: One small change here "Patterns" the ALL to rewrite the subtle code that interfaces with the Akasha.

 6.Spirit Shield: This was designed by a Master Occultist to allow safe passage through even the Darkest realms. This is an auric armour shielding of impentrable force.

 7. Sex Transmutation. The Master must be able to harness the potent sexual energies woven into the substrate of the universe to ensure the outcome of his Will. This is VITAL.

 Ritual of Initiation into the Saturnian Astral Temple.

 Spacial gates to access transdimensional energy patterns are only accessible through this occult machine.

There are patterns of occult energy that are coded into this device for those who demand the most elite access to the metaphysical planes.

 Empowers you as you use it and does not siphon off any of your own energy.

 You will also receive an exclusive printed mantra guide to access each of the 7 Occult powers encoded in the Egregore.

The ENSORCELLED vessel is activated by contact with your energy field. 

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