$ 2,700.00


Do you seek the Force that Commands Reality?

Revealed in the Illuminati Key of Luciferian Might you have found it.

Unlock...the incredible secrets of extreme psychic domination of reality.

This is the Powerful Magick of the Ancients cast forth for you to reign in life.

With this power, things just seem to go your way.



*Find a New Home

*Win in Gambling

*Turn a Friend into a Lover

*Success in Seduction

*Turn the Tables of Fate in Your Favor

*Banish Guilt Poverty Consciousness

*Business and Political Power

*Stop Psychic Attacks and Return to Sender

 *Renewed Vitality and Clarity of Mind

 The Awesome Power of Ceremonial Magick to bring You Wealth, Health, Love and Riches.

This can give you Power over people and circumstances that you would have never dreamed possible.

You have no idea of how this power is used by the Elite today.

Can you imagine what The secret rites of this Master Ritual will give you....

Dominating Influence and unimaginable Personal Power.

You Are Not A Victim but a Victor if you choose to be.

You can Control rather be controlled.

Now you have the choice.

Picture yourself living the life of your dreams and imagine what it would be like to LIVE life as you choose to.

Now remember how good that feels as you get ready to step up to a new level of reality.

All of the work will be done for you.

All you must do is imagine how good it feels to demand the best and get it.

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