$ 6,660.00

Has there ever been a time when you felt the call of Baphomet?

You see, Baphomet does call those that are of the royal bloodlines !

There are many of the Royal Bloodlines who are lost family members who have always felt "different" from society at large.

They feel as if they are timeless and have always been connected to the Occult Current.

Control or be controlled !!!

 Ritualized for 3 years to release dark-matter quantum sorceries from the Baphomet Vortex.

9 Ceremonial Summonings by the Order of the Black Messiah.

This is ONLY for the initiate of Baphomet as only they could understand its powers and occult significance.

Once connected to the Baphomet Vortex there is no limit to what is possible for you to attain.

The Energies of Baphomet are the most Ancient and Powerful.

This is the Archetypal Wisdom of First Cause.

This is the Zero Point of Occult Physics.

If you are ready to learn the Mysteries this shall be the KEY to the Soul of Baphomet !!!

Be Warned: You MUST be aligned to Baphomet.

You must have been called to this Supreme Revelator of Wisdom.

You will know.

If you have to ask, then this is not for you.

This is ready to impart, NOW.

Ready to USE.

Rust never sleeps. Use it or lose it. Walk as a Master.

Special Private Ritual for the new owner of this Living Occult Machine.

This was designed to last a Lifetime and Beyond

 Stunning ensorcelled Pendant included.

 "The word of a Magus is always a falsehood; the task of the Magus is to make his word, the expression of his Will, come true." ~Aleister Crowley

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