$ 6,333.00

Have you ever been obsessed with gaining the truly forbidden, banned knowledge of the Dark mysteries?

Has there ever been a time when you looked at the world around you and KNEW that most people are blind to the realities of life, and that there is a Dark current that flows beneath the mask of polite society?

You just KNOW...there is MORE.

Forbidden Knowledge is hidden all around you if you have the eyes to see it.

Once you drink from the Black Chalice of Babalon through this ritual you will see through the eyes of obsidian clarity.

Your everyday life will be transformed into a living grimoire that gathers the dark mysteries to serve you that lay hidden in even the most mundane sources.

This is the Secret of the Masters.

The Masters are able to see the obvious that is hidden in plain sight.

You shall see as the Masters see through the gifting of Babalon.

The Babalonic essence of this dark knowledge can manipulate matter and energy through the awakened essence of the hidden reality-codes you will begin to decipher all around you.

You are a multi-dimensional being who exists across a spectrum of realities.

The Black Chalice of Babalon is the KEY you have been searching for.

It has also been searching for you.

Such are the ways of Magick.

If the Forbidden Knowledge of the Dark Paths is calling to you then buy this today while the intensity of the connection is burning within you.

This type of magick responds to speed and releases its powers to the HUNGRY.


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