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From beyond space and time there is a place where the greatest mysteries are revealed.
When you look out from this singular perception you will answers to questions you may have never thought to ask.
The Luciferian Apotheosis liberates the consciousness to behold the Dark Matter Originations of what we perceive as space/time.
Knowledge is Power (*18*) and herein is a great mystery hidden from the profane.
Now you have been called to understand the history of magick from an eternal perspective.
 The Luciferian Apotheosis has manifested across history in many, many shapes and forms.
It is all around you and you are enjoying its benefits in most areas of your life already.
If you are reading this now, you are enjoying a direct benefit of this timeless power.
This would serve those who have an intense passionate desire to learn and deeply connect with the the Luciferian Gnosis.
 There is Knowlege beyond this plane of existence as well as beyond the confines of this world.
There are so many secrets to share that can only be imparted directly into the consciousness of the initiate.
Most of these teachings are strictly forbidden to be shared.
This is your astral/dreaming gate doorway into the most closely guarded Occult Knowledge. 

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